What Are Distance Bracelets?

This bracelet trend has a lot of names, including LDR bracelets (long-distance relationship bracelets), relationship bracelets, couples bracelets, boyfriend girlfriend bracelets, “you complete me” bracelets and bond bracelets. The concept is the same no matter what you call them, where two individuals wear matching bracelets to feel connected despite being apart. The distance can strain any relationship, but it’s comforting to know significant others, parents, sisters, best friends or whoever is wearing their bracelet to remember you and vice versa.

Styles of Distance Bracelets
Most commonly, distance bracelets match, but with an inverted color scheme. For example, if a boyfriend and girlfriend decided to wear distance bracelets, where to buy distance bracelets.

Some styles of distance bracelets have more than one different-colored bead and have been seen with a few additional details such as bead caps, Swarovski┬« crystal rondelle beads or spacer beads to segregate and bring more attention to the colored beads that match your counterpart’s bracelet. Another design is to have matching bracelets except for 2, 3 or 4 beads that are different from the other’s bracelet.

All in all, distance bracelets are made with round beads on stretch cord for an easy, comfortable fit. The design is low profile so as to coordinate with all personal style choices. Distance bracelets are gender neutral as well, making the designs effortless to pair with male or female fashion.

Even those individuals typically adverse to wearing jewelry find distance bracelets easy to wear.