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The sensor for the temperature level control must be put in between the working surface area of the part and the heating systems. The temperature of the part approximately 1/2″ far from the heating units is utilized in picking maximum permitted watt density from the chart. C. Control of power is a crucial consider- ation in high watt density applications.

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SCR power controls are valuable in extending the life of high watt density heating units, considering that they successfully remove on-off cycling. Curve G-235 in the Application Standards shows optimum allowable watt density for various fits and operating temperature levels. The large majority of applications do not require maximum W/In 2, however.

Benefit from the safety margin offered by utilizing ratings less than the optimum permitted. Select and area heating systems for most even heat pattern instead of for highest possible wattage per heating system. At medium watt densities, general function drills are generally appropriate for drilling holes. Typically, these lead to holes 0.

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008″ over the normal size of the drill, leading to fi ts of 0. 01 to 0. 015″. Naturally, the tightest fit is preferable from a heat transfer standpoint, however rather looser fits aid in setting up and getting rid of cartridge heaters, especially long ones. Holes drilled completely through the part are recommended to facilitate elimination of the heater.

Considerable reductions in maximum permitted watt density are usually required for vacuum operation. Where possible, the installation ought to be developed so that the lead end of the heating unit is outside the vacuum. When the lead end of the heating system is inside the vacuum, a voltage of 120 volts or less is advised.

Round type CIR cartridge heaters might be installed in square or v-shaped grooves if this shows convenient. The within the groove must be dealt with to improve its emissivity (by oxidizing or anodizing). Permitted W/In 2 can be estimated by utilizing the 0. 05″ fit line in the chart, providing that the square is approximately the exact same width as the nominal diameter of the heating unit.

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One technique is to take two stock 240 volt heating units and link them in series on 480 volts. Another is to order specially ranked 480 volt cartridge heaters. Examine with your Regional Chromalox Sales workplace for suggestions. Since of greater voltage tensions inside the heater, lower maximum watt densities are allowable in 480 volt applications, either with 2 240 volt heaters in series or with specially ranked 480 volt units.

An optimum operating temperature of 1000F is suggested. Evaluating under simulated operating conditions is recommended when equipment makers design brand-new products. Cartridge heaters of the appropriate physical size are run on a variable transformer until the heat output is at the appropriate level. Then, voltage and present measurements are taken and needed wattage rating is calculated.

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On moving equipment, anchor the leads securely. As little motion as possible should be allowed near to where the leads emerge from the heater. A loop in the lead wire will frequently extend lead life. If application conditions lead to continual lead flexing, end the cartridge heating system leads at a terminal block which moves with the heated assembly.

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For quickly vibrating devices, utilize the terminal block explained above. Keep leads from heating unit to obstruct brief and well supported to prevent lead motion due to vibration. Protect leads from spray, oil and abrasion. Contaminating liquids and vapors can go into unsealed cartridge heaters and cause insulation breakdown. Avoid tape on leads where they emerge from the cartridge heater.