Water Slides in Your Backyard – Rent Or Buy?

Water slides are a classic way to cool off during the summer. It is almost impossible to go on a slide during the summer without getting burned by the hot slide material, whether it is metal, concrete, or an inflatable. That is why water slides are so important to have at a party. So why should you rent an inflatable water slide?

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First of all, inflatable water slides are great because they are soft and easy for kids to get up and down. They climb up one side and slide down the other. Unlike a permanent water slide which is usually made from fiberglass or metal, there is really nothing on an inflatable water slide for kids to hit themselves on. These slides are made from vinyl, which is rigid enough when inflated for kids to climb on, yet soft enough so they can’t hurt themselves. It is made from the same material as bounce houses.

The second reason you want to rent a water slide is that the party rental company that you get the slide from will take the equipment back with them so you don’t have to clean or store it. This is a great alternative to buying one from a discount store. The ones at the discount store are not as safe to use as the commercial ones that most rental companies use. You also do not want to have to store the inflatable slide in your garage. They take up a lot of space. You also can’t leave them outside as they will kill your grass and dry out in the sun over time.

There are many other benefits to water slide rentals over purchasing. No matter what you decide just remember that they are fun!