Understanding Why You Have Carpenter Ants in the House

Having carpenter ants in the house is one of the most common pest problems faced by the people living in woody areas and damp climate zones. There are several types of carpenter ants that burrow inside the wooden crevices of your home; some of them are black ants while the others are red in color.

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The black carpenter ants are often known by the name Camponotus pennsylvanicus and red carpenter ants are scientifically known as Camponotus sayi. Usually, red ants are smaller than the black ones though they happen to have the same kind of physical resemblance. Irrespective of the color and type, these ants feeding habits and nesting places are same. The usual diet of the carpenter ants includes honey, dead bodies of pests and insects, fatty bodies, sweets etc. There is a popular misconception that these ants feed on the wood or barks of trees which is not true.

Carpenter ants simply burrow inside the rotten wood, moist places and damp zones and try to chisel away the wood from inside making it hollow, brittle and useless. Summer months are the time when you are likely to find Black carpenter ants in the house. Red ants are most commonly found during the winter months.

Breeding habits, the way these ants procure food, store them, form colonies, all such aspects are the same for both the red and black carpenter ants. One should resort to same type of treatment procedures to eliminate both types of ants from their home. Though concentration of both the type of ants varies from state to state, the same amount of damage can be expected whenever there is an ant’s nest nearby. One can surely find heaps of saw dust, holes in walls, rustling sounds from inside the walls, trails on the walls, wires, electric sockets etc. Wherever there is moisture inside the home or drenched wood or rotten mulch, you are likely to find an infestation.

One should be cautious while using chemicals to eliminate the carpenter ants in a house. Some of the chemicals are considered to be harmful to pets and kids and should not be used within their proximity. Chemical ingredients used in some of the aerosol sprays have been banned legally in several states. Before buying these products, go through the label and find out what all chemicals have been used in it. Some of the ant-killers come loaded with harmful chemicals that should be applied by the professionals alone. In such cases, seek the assistance of a professional pest controller who is licensed and has proper registration to deal with this job.

If anybody in the family experiences nausea, giddiness or any other kind of discomfort while using the pesticides to kill the ants, discontinue their use and consult doctor immediately. If there are asthmatic children or pregnant ladies in your home, seek guidance from a medical councilor to find out what type and what amount of pesticides can be used within their vicinity. Click the links below to learn more about dealing with carpenter ants in the house.