Necessary Tools in a PEX Tool Kit

Making a PEX water supply structure is not related with exploiting solvent, cement or any sort of heat infusion methodology. For this it is important to have a PEX tool kit as all fittings and connections made are mechanical. Different type of tools which make a kit complete must be known to have entire knowledge about an effective tool kit.

PEX crimp tool:

This tool is used for crimping PEX tubing with black copper rings. It used to make crimp fittings only which are required for carrying on appropriate amount of water in all connections.

PEX clamp tool:

The PEX Clamp Tool is another imperative component of a PEX tool kit which is required for making clamp fittings between two different connections.


This type of tool is used by fitters to check connections and calibrate the tool for crimp as and when necessary. One such tool is the Crescent wrench which is used for making necessary variations in crimp jaws of varied sizes.

PEX cutters:

It is a tool which is required for cutting the PEX tubing in varied sizes so that they can be used for required work. Normally it used for heavy duty models of PEX pipe which are inclusive of an inbuilt mechanism that enables the cutting of tubing up to an optimum thickness level.

PEX Clip Guns:

Another imperative tool of a PEX tool kit is clip guns. It is a gun like structure which is used for placing connecting guns at appropriate places over the pipe. It is a highly convenient tool which can pick up 15 to 20 clips at stretch of sizes ” or “.

Foam Board Staples:

It is another most used tool in the kit which is used for making installations over top surfaces of polystyrene, polyurethane and Styrofoam. This type of tool is obtainable in form stapler which is used for placing strip of these materials. The end part of these staplers is arrow shaped which makes it much safer to pick strips and place it in the foam board.

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