Laser Hair Removal and Skin Tightening Procedure

I suppose it’s wintertime. For most Michiganders that means layering the clothing, snuggling under blankets, and basically sitting inside most of the time and trying every way to keep warm. You know what helps keep the body warm? Hair. Think about it 90% of body heat comes from your head. With that said, like most women, I don’t feel it a priority to shave my legs, at least, every day or even every other day; it’s more like once a week to be perfectly honest. I don’t see the point since I’m wearing pants all the time anyway.

I really just dislike shaving in general, especially my armpits. C’mon, everyday shaving gets extremely tedious. Plus, if you cut yourself in the underarm, it burns every time I put on deodorant. I’ve been researching the option of Laser Hair Removal treatment. I’ve even spoken with friends’ mom’s who have had the procedure done before to see the perks (or cons) of it. So far, I see no cons, unless one sees time commitment as a con, which really isn’t a commitment in the first place. I’d say a 15 minute session over a length of time, depending on how much hair you have. Being Hungarian, I definitely have a lot of unwanted, dark hair. It would be worth it in the name of ‘no more shaving’. When technically looking at the definition of laser hair removal, it sounds almost invasive to have a high-intensity laser penetrate my skin, but the results (never shaving again) would be ideal and bonus, there is no recovery time.

I am still young, but it’s good to know there are options in laser treatment as I age. Laser facial rejuvenation I would say is best for my fair-skinned friends. I have olive skin so I do have some sunspots on my face and wouldn’t mind an even skin tone, even now. Acne scarring can be the worst when it’s on your face. As a kid I was told to not cross my legs as to avoid spider veins, little did I know. I should have listened. Lasers work in that realm too.

I may only be 22, but at age 18 I started to notice cellulite develop on my upper thighs. Being a competitive gymnast since age 8, I built a lot of muscle and kept building until high school ended. Going from working out everyday to not even at all, I lost a lot of muscle in my legs especially. Luckily I don’t even have to leave town to receive anti-cellulite treatment, though.

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