How to Use a Foam Roller for Back Pain

Would you like a free masseuse? Some ease on the back pain and tension you have built up after a long day at work or an excruciating session at the gym is actually more affordable than you thought. This is no secret formula or even a type of medicine. For my simple technique I use everyday to keep my tension down all you’re going to need is a small amount of time and a Foam roller! Of course there are many ways to fight back pain but after you try this I guarantee it will be the most simplistic, affordable and easy method you can find.

The foam roller is a form of self-myofascial release which will target your muscles that are overworked and tense. Through this method you will be receiving something similar to a deep tissue massage. Of course this may not be as precise as a professional working their magic on you at a spa but what everyday Joe has the luxury of hiring their own personal masseuse! With the roller you will be able to relieve some tension anywhere anytime! This will break down adhesion’s and help to heal the tissue but ultimately the method allows your own body weight to created pressure against various kinks and knots to relieve the pain. A do it yourself type of real deal solution!

Now you are probably wondering what type of foam back roller you should get or what the roller even looks like! There are various rollers you can consider to fit your needs ranging from different sizes, textures and firmness. The size you need will typically be based on what you are using the roller for. Since this article deals with back pain any size will do, however some people may also use these for core and cross fit training as they would need to choose a somewhat larger roller. The color usually indicates firmness. Black rollers will be the firmest followed by blue being moderate and white the softest. Depending on your experience level with a roller I recommend starting with white and working your way up. Over exerting yourself could only lead an uncomfortable exercise or even injury. The top priority in any stretch or exercise is safety. This is key.

Low Back Pain

The dreaded lower back pain! Most of us have become familiar with this at some point along our journey unfortunately. For lower back pain this may sound surprising but you will need to roll your hips and we aren’t talking about a fancy dance you do on a night out to town! Using the roller to target your hits helps because if the hips are tense most likely you will be engaging your lower back to do movements that otherwise should be done primarily with by hip flexes.

The Movement

Start by sitting on the foam roller, feet on the floor, knees bent, and your hands firmly on the floor behind you. Cross your left leg over your right, forming a figure 4 with your legs. Rotate your hips to the left until you find a spot in the hip that feels tight. Move your hips back and forward to massage any tight areas. Repeat on your right side.

Upper Back Pain

Sitting for long periods of time typically ensues the pain and tension you feel in your upper back and between your shoulders. Saying that anytime you are sitting in your car, at the desk or on the couch catching up on the nightly television series you can be setting yourself up for some unwanted pain. This can also lead to poor posture and weaker shoulders! Here is what you can do. As you roll along your upper back, keep your elbows squeezed together in front of your face. Form is very important as always.

The Movement

Sit on the floor with your knees bent. Place the foam roller behind you, perpendicular to your torso. Lie back on the foam roller. Adjust it so that the roller is even with your shoulder blades. Raise your butt up so that your weight is supported by your feet and the foam roller. Touch your elbows together gently. Move your hips up and down to roll along your upper back until you feel the ease.

All in all foam rollers are the hidden secret to affordable relief of back pain no matter who or where you are. Take it to meetings or keep in your locker at the gym. Use it at home every night! Remember preventive is protecting so make a daily routine of this and you will be on your way to a back at ease starting today!