Controling the Draft in Door Gaps

Every month thousands of people waste money on their energy bill because of tiny gaps in their window and door jams. These gaps cause heating or air conditioning to escape to the outside world causing the air conditioner or heater to work harder which costs more money. In the winter months you will notice a draft by your front or back door where the outside cold air is getting in. There are ways of sealing all your door and windows that will help cut back on wasted electricity that will in turn put money in your pocket.

One way you can remedy this problem, is by insulating your outside doors and windows. You can purchase foam insulating strips from a hardware store. They come with a foam insulating pipe on one side and a sticky adhesive on the other side. You will need to open the door or window that you will be working on first, pull the paper backing off of the adhesive and follow the seam of the door or window jam. When you close the window or door this foam insulating strip will seal the jam creating a tight seam where no air can enter or escape.

If you have a draft problem on the base of the door, there is a product that will seal the bottom of the door that will keep the cold air where it needs to be: either inside your home in the hot summer months, or outside in the cold winter months. It runs on the same basic concept as the mentioned before. This door gap gauge has two pieces of foam or tubes that are attached to both sides of the base of the door for maximum protection. It creates a perfect seal on both sides of the door. This will not only help with draft problems but it will also protect your home from bugs, dirt, and snow from getting in. The draft guard is very easy to use and easily installed, you can cut it to fit any size door.

If you are concerned with the rising cost of energy as most of the country is, insulating your door jams and windows is essential to lowering your bill. This will cut the cost of cooling your home in the hot summer months and keeping your home warm from the outside cold in the winter months. You can also use these tips on the inside jams in your home to keep drafts from the hall into a bedroom and it will also help with dust and bugs that live inside your home.