Commercial Carpet Cleaners for Maintenance of Club Houses

Popular club houses are generally bustling places where people flock to try their luck and have a nice time. To ensure that these people keep coming back to the club, it is important to keep the club houses spotlessly clean and smelling fresh. The floors in clubs will be almost completely carpeted. Maintaining such vast areas is no easy task unless you use advanced cleaning machines like commercial carpet cleaners.

Carpet Extractors – Powerful, Efficient and Reliable
The capability of commercial carpet cleaners is unmatched when it comes to extracting dust, dirt and stains from carpeted surfaces. Unlike vacuum cleaners that simply extract particulate matter from the surface of carpets, advanced carpet cleaning equipment can dissolve and extract the toughest deposits trapped within carpet fibers. Even stains that have penetrated deep into the carpet base will be efficiently eliminated with the powerful action of carpet cleaning systems.

Most popular club houses remain crowded day and night. Maintenance professionals cannot therefore take up more than a couple of hours to clean carpets and make them available for use. Thankfully, the best commercial carpet cleaners from leading distributors now feature low flow technology. By using very little moisture for cleaning carpets, these carpet cleaning systems ensure that carpets dry completely in a few hours. While cold-water versions will help carpets to dry out in about 6 hours, heated versions need as little as two hours to do the same. This way, maintenance professionals will be able to deep clean carpets, leaving them dry and available for use in just a couple of hours.

Cutting Edge Technologies
Commercial carpet cleaners are capable of simultaneously performing cleaning and extraction functions. While hot water and cleaning solutions dissolve caked dirt on carpets, the powerful brush loosens the dirt particles so that it is easy to extract the deposits. The vacuum extraction function in carpet cleaning machines helps extract most of the moisture so that carpets are able to dry faster.

When you need to maintain vast areas like clubs, it is important to use industrial carpet steam cleaners to attain the kind of results you expect. These carpet shampooers feature higher steam temperatures and pressure levels than commercial versions of rug cleaners. By attaining temperatures as high as 210 ºF, these heavy-duty carpet cleaning machines guarantee cleaning results that are sure to leave customers impressed. In addition, these carpet steam cleaner machines also generate pressure levels of up to 500 psi that is around five times greater than the pressure levels generated by standard models.

In places like clubs that experience high traffic all the time, using powerful carpet shampooers offers maintenance professionals the perfect solution to keep carpets looking good and smelling nice. Industrial versions of rug cleaners are also amazingly compact, versatile and portable. By attaching a floor squeegee wand to it, you can easily maintain hard surfaces such as ceramic, marble, concrete, tiles and limestone.

To find the perfect carpet cleaning machines for your needs, check out the vast array of commercial carpet cleaners available from online stores of leading suppliers.

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