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the other sides of the magnet is secured by steel cup. The diameter of the base is 2. 36″( 60mm) Effective electromagnetic field– A strong neodymium magnet bonded to steel plate provides 400 pounds( 181 kgs) of pulling strength. Neodymium magnets keep their strong magnetic properties for decades under perfect conditions.

( Common bonding with white plactic ussually cause to lose magnets. You can draw back our magnet confidently from water. The magnet will not divide off the eyebolt. Triple layer Nickel-Copper-Nickel finishing– Neodymium magnets can lose its magnetic properties due to deterioration. layer covering with shiny surface area provides finest defense against corrosin and rust.

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Neodymium magnets come in several weight capabilities, including this fairly effective little design. With 330 pounds of raising strength, you can get most products at the bottom of your average lake, pond, or river. Just as importantly, the product of this fishing magnet is strongly bonded to avoid damage.

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And the the eyebolt is designed to be as strong as possible to avoid the kind of breaking that is common in similarly-priced fishing magnet designs. Effective triple layer of stainless steel Includes 100 feet of rope Eyebolt connects directly to steel to prevent cracks Some users suffered weaker lifting capacities Reported weak point in the cap shell Sale Finest Covering: Ni+ Cu+ Ni Triple Layer Coated.

Multi-Use: Unique style with Countersunk Hole and Eyebolt Great for restored of different iron-containning nickel material undersea and Excellent concept for magnet fishing, lifting, hanging, retrieving applications. Have a good time to browsing products like eyebolt, screws, hooks, fasteners and so on in your warehouse garage or backyard. Powerful Neodymium Magnet: On the 10mm steel plate, we determined the vertical pull of the magnet is 330LBS( 150KG).

High Quality: Made under ISO 9001 Quality Systems. Magnetic force equivalent to 10 times the volume of the same magnet. force irreversible, long service life. Treasure hunting in the river or sea you never know what you might find. Customer service: Keeping consumers delighted and satisfied is the most important for our company, our business provides refund or free replacement of the product in case of any inquiries.

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Readily available for under $20, it still offers the user with over 300 pounds of raising force. As an outcome, this design is a fantastic spending plan option for first-time magnet users. Nevertheless, even those who already own a handful of stronger and more pricey magnets may utilize this design as a backup option for difficult lifting situations.

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Great budget options for those with restricted funds Raising power is terrific for the rate paid Useful in many scenarios Deterioration kept in mind by lots of customers when utilized in salt water Pulling force limited depending on rope strength Much Strong Magnets: 400LB vertical magnetic pull force on base of 1. 18″ thickness steel plate under ideal condition due to the real high grade and bigger size naked Neodymium Magnet N52High Strength Fishing Magnet Rope Included: Diameter 5.

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196inch * Length 20m (66 feet) Nylon high strength nylone Rope included, you simply only take it and fish straight without other anything. Multi-Use for Recovering Magnet: Style for strong and undersea application, perfect for fishing, lifting or recuperating lost ferrous things under water, for instance water pump, ferrous tools, damage of heavy metal items, ancient items.