American Pit Bull Terrier Dog Breed

During the 1800s pit bulls and terriers were crossbred and imported to America from England for dogfighting purposes. This was the beginning of the American Pit Bull terrier. Farmers then used these dogs as working dogs. These dogs were then trained to not attack their owners, but to be fine dogfighters. The American Pit Bull terrier used to be a family dog in the USA, but its status started to decline after the Second World War. These dogs are still kept as family dogs in its motherland but have been in a negative light for the past thirty years due to its connection with drugs and inner-city crime. This dog is also bred to act aggressively toward humans, and the willingness to please their masters is taken advantage of here. Unfortunately, these dogs are kept for purposes of unlawful betting and dogfighting. American Pit Bulls are also one of the most abandoned, ill-treated or neglected breeds there are.\


This is a very intelligent breed, but at the same time also very inquisitive, clownish and sweet. These dogs are known as a friendly and loving nature. The American Pit Bull terrier does have a tendency to be stubborn and aggressive, but on the other end, they can also be overly friendly to people. Some previous dog ownership is recommended before getting an American Pit Bull terrier as a family pet.


These dogs should be groomed on a regular basis, as this will minimize their hair loss. A firm hairbrush can be used to brush their coats. The American Pit Bull should only be bathed when it is really necessary, and they can also be dry shampooed. You will find that this breed prefers a warmer climate.


You will find the American Pit Bull Terrier to be a very submissive dog that is also very keen on pleasing its owners. It is advised that these dogs are socialized from a very early age onwards. Obedience training is also an absolute must for these dogs. This is a dog that will not react positively toward rough training methods. The training environment should be one that is fair and consistent. American Pitt Bulls are very talented when it comes to agility, tracking, conformation, and obedience.

Health problems

American Pit Bull Terriers are fairly healthy dogs, with only a few health problems. The most serious health issue these dogs have is hip dysplasia. If you are considering it to breed your dog in the future, it is advised that you take x-rays of their hips first, and also check the history of the parents to make sure they are good.